CoachNick’s Professional Equipment Recommendations and Affiliate Brands


Cyr Wheel Ukraine by Anton – Cyr Wheel Ukraine Etsy ShopSteel Cyr WheelCyr Wheel Bag

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Anton makes solid wheels at his Cyr Wheel Ukraine Etsy Shop. If you are in the market for your first wheel, it’s hard to beat his prices. They’re really affordable, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. My favorite wheel from Anton is his 5-piece, Steel Cyr Wheel. It’s heavier and sturdier than the aluminum wheels, fits together solidly, and lasts for a long time. I recommend beginners start with steel wheels since they are heavier and require less precise weight-allocation. I opt for thinner PVC when the option is available – simply due to personal preference. I’d also recommend getting a Cyr Wheel Bag from his shop while you’re at it. This will make it super easy to transport to rec centers, parks, and the gym. And you won’t have to mess with Velcro straps or bungee cords. They even have pockets for tools, spare bolts, and rags. All said-and-done, you’ll likely be able to order and wheel and bag for under $500 depending on the shipping. And if you use code COACHNICK5, you’ll save 10% on your order!


Zimmermann Cyr Wheels by Holger Zimmermann – Rhoenradbau.deZimmermann Cyr Wheel

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When it comes to Wheel Gymnastics, Zimmermann wheels are THE standard. German Wheels, Cyr Wheels, you name it. Zimmermann wheels are nice… and… Heavy! For those of you who like lighter wheels, fear not – they make aluminum wheels too. Of course, I’d recommend the steel Zimmermann Cyr Wheels. I’ve spun on many wheels – big, small, light, heavy, aluminum, steel, anchors – and I enjoy the feel of a heavier wheel. Zimmermann wheels are solid through and through. They’re smooth and perform excellently. They are absolutely my favorite wheels to spin on. If you want to order a Zimmermann wheel, you can do so by registering or emailing the contact form on the site You can also email Zimmermann directly to order your wheel at Expect to spend about $800-$900 on a Zimmermann wheel. Type COACHNICK25 in your order email to receive 25 Euros off. That’s about $30!

Spinnovation Cyr Wheels by Sam Tribble – Cyr Certification,, or @spinnovation on Instagram

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You know him, you love him – Sam Tribble! Sam has coached athletes, gymnasts, and Cyr-wheelers to great success. As the founder of Spinnovation, it’s no surprise that Sam makes high-end Cyr wheels that are used across the United States. He makes 3-section (light) Sport models, 5-section (medium) Sport Performance models, and 5-section (heavy) Standard Performance wheels. Check out Cyr Certification for guidelines on which wheel is best for you. You can learn more about Sam Tribble’s programs at If you’d like to order a wheel, you can contact Sam on either Cyr Certification or I’d suggest contacting him directly via his Instagram @spinnovation or email Sam at Sam’s wheels range from $1000-$1,400. So type COACHNICK7 in your order email to receive 7% off. That’s a $70-$98 discount!


Circus Concepts Cyr Wheels by Hugo Noel –

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When we talk Circus Concepts Cyr Wheels, we’re talking high-end equipment. Circus Concepts supplies wheels for facilities like THE Las Vegas Circus Center (swing by for one of my Cyr classes) and performers such as Angie Bongiovonni and Hugo, himself – of course! They even make the Pixel LED wheel that I use in Spiegelworld’s show Opium at the Cosmopolitan! Not only do they make quality wheels, but Circus Concepts also has excellent customer service. I know from my experience maintaining the Circus Concepts Cyr wheels at Las Vegas Circus Center. Whether it’s replacement parts, extra bolts, or paint jobs, Circus Concepts delivers. Everyone I know with a Circus Concepts wheel is a satisfied customer. Expect to spend about $1,000 USD on a Circus Concepts wheel. And remember to knock 10% off your order with code COACHNICK at checkout!




Design Kontrol –


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“Where’d you get those BOMB joggers?!?!?!?!” I get that question a lot. They’re the Joggers from And, yes, they’re the bomb. These are my favorite joggers, in fact. They’re so soft I often find myself thinking, “my training clothes shouldn’t be this comfortable.” They’re a solid fit too. Plus, they have zippers – so nothing falls out of your pockets. I also have their Tanks, which have a flattering cut. A lot of us working professionals in Vegas wear Design Kontrol, and it’s no surprise why. It’s comfortable, functional, and looks great. They have a solid Men’s selection and a robust Women’s section with sports bras, hoodies, and more. Definitely take a look around Design Kontrol’s store – by circus professionals for circus professionals. Type nick15 at checkout for 15% off your order!


Off Axis Athletics –

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Need some kicks? Head over to Innovative footwear for all your acrobatic needs. OffAxis makes a variety of shoes to suit whatever athletic endeavor you’re pursuing. Cyr Wheel, Tramp Wall, Parkour – you name it. They’re worn by professionals in multiple disciplines. OffAxis shoes are comfortable, functional, light-weight, grippy, and recognized. Compliments day 1 (since we all know that’s super important with shoes)! All shenanigans aside, the quality is excellent. When I’m not spinning barefoot, I’ll wear the Ninjas. High-tops – my favorite. They’re perfect for literally everything from Cyr Wheel to general training sessions at the gym. Pick up some Ninjas ASAP. And check out the rest of the Off Axis products. Use code: OFFAXISNICK for 20% off!

Have equipment or clothing you’d like me to try? Shoot me an email and let’s get in touch!

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