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Cyr Wheel

“Boy That sure is a big hula hoop.” It’s a Cyr Wheel! Pronounced like the word “seer”. It’s a big, metal ring that I spin, flip, and twist in.

Daniel Cyr developed the Cyr Wheel as a circus apparatus around 1996. It has grown wildly in popularity over the past 25+ years.

For most people, yes. It takes a lot of practice. But it’s also very accessible! You don’t have to be a pro athlete to start – especially with online coaching!

Check out my blog post: “CoachNick’s Professional Equipment Recommendations and Affiliate Brands” for equipment information, recommendations, and coupons!

I currently perform with a 5-piece, steel, 71″ Zimmermann wheel (my favorite).

When we have LEDs, I perform with a 5-piece, 69″ LED Pixel wheel from Circus Concepts.

I also have a 5-piece, steel, 70” wheel with clear PVC from Anton’s Etsy shop – Cyr Wheel Ukraine.

I’d recommend starting with a 5-piece wheel. Steel (or whatever the heavier option is – no light wheels). Diameter should be 3-5” more than your height.

Depending on your means, I’d recommend having one wheel you use for performance (or ONLY indoors) and one wheel you use wherever (outdoors or both). If you can’t afford two wheels, don’t worry! Use your first one only indoors OR both. Then when you get a second wheel, make that your indoor wheel.

Indoor Locations: Gymnasiums, fitness gyms, recreation centers, dance studios, circus gyms, racquetball courts.

Outdoor Locations: Stages, tennis courts, basketball courts, downtown plazas, local parks, pavilions, asphalt, cement. Notes: Anywhere that’s hard, flat, and level.

“Wreck?” no… Wear down, yes. If you’re worried about the surface… Rub an orange against it and see if it’s scratched. We usually recommend having an indoor and outdoor wheel if possible.

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My wheels weigh about 35-50+ lbs.

Most wheels are steel or aluminum with PVC on the outside.

Yes, you can! Most wheels break down into multiple pieces that fit into a bag. You can toss it in your car or check it as luggage for flights.

Hard cases: I have a pelican rifle case that locks for international travel. It fits my wheel, rope, a soft case/bag, and a couple other circus things! I bring the soft case along to move just the wheel since the hard case can be a hassle.

 Soft cases: I’d recommend most-any Cyr Wheel bags. There are various makers. But Snowboard bags, golf bags, and other specialty sports equipment bags work as well. If you don’t have a bag, you can use Velcro straps or bungee cords to transport the wheel instead.

Be sure to check out my blog post: “CoachNick’s Professional Equipment Recommendations and Affiliate Brands” for coupons!

Absolutely! I’ve competed in both the national championship and world championship competitions. I’m also the Cyr Wheel ambassador for team USA. You can find out more information about competition by checking out the International Wheel Gymnastics Federation.

Additionally, the tutorials on this site are organized based on the IRV Cyr Wheel competition catalogue.

That’s right! Cyr wheel was first recognized as a circus apparatus. It’s been in Cirque du Soleil Corteo, Zumanity, Luzia, and more!

I clean and tighten my wheel once daily for shows. To clean it, I spray isopropyl alcohol on a rag and rub the wheel until it’s free of marks.

I don’t clean my training wheel all that often. But, when I do, I clean it the same way.

Wheels may squeak for a couple of reasons:

— Is it loose? Some wheels can loosen with use during a spin session. Make sure to check that the bolts are securely tightened periodically before/during/after spin sessions if you notice noise (creaking), give, or looseness.

— Is it new PVC? Depending on its newness/wear and the surface the wheel is spinning on, it may squeak when spinning. This may just be the freshness or thickness of the PVC or training surface.

Programs & Skills

The Beginner Program includes:


  • [W-A1] Basic Position
  • [W-A2a] Feet/Hands Together
  • [W-A2b] Crossed Legs
  • [W-A3] Feet and/or Hands Wide Apart
  • [W-A4] Profile (Lead/Trail)
  • [W-A5] Mixed Grips (Pronation, Supination, Cubital, Mixed)
  • [W-A6] 1-Leg Extended Behind
  • [W-A7] 1-Leg Extended in Front
  • [W-B1a] Crossed Arms
  • [W-B1b] Spindle
  • [W-B1c] 1-Arm Spindle
  • [W-B2] 1-Arm
  • [W-B3] Arabesque
  • [W-B4] Fouetté
  • [W-B5a] Less than 90 Degrees Off Center (Lead)
  • [W-B5b] Less than 90 Degrees Off Center (Trail)

Waltz Front:

  • [WF-B1] Basic Position
  • [WF-B2] Feet/Hands Together
  • [WF-B3] Feet and/or Hands Wide Apart
  • [WF-B4] Profile (Lead/Trail)
  • [WF-B5] Crossed Legs
  • [WF-B6] Mixed Grips (Pronation, Supination, Cubital, Mixed)
  • [WF-B7] 1-Leg Extended Behind
  • [WF-B8] 1-Leg Extended in Front

Turns & Twists:

  • [T-B1] Half Twist on Lead/Trail Foot
  • [T-B2] Half Turn on Lead/Trail Foot
  • [T-B3] Continuous Half Turns/Twists
  • [T-B4] Spindle Half Turn/Twist
  • [T-B5] Leading Arm & Leg Half Twist


  • [Spin-A1] Basic Position
  • [Spin-A2a] Feet/Hands Together
  • [Spin-A2b] Crossed Legs
  • [Spin-A3] Feet and/or Hands Wide Apart
  • [Spin-A4] Profile (Lead/Trail)
  • [Spin-A5] Mixed Grips (Pronation, Supination, Cubital, Mixed)
  • [Spin-A6] 1-Arm
  • [Spin-A7] 1-Leg Extended (Front/Back)
  • [Spin-B3] Arabesque
  • [Spin-B4] Small Jump (Landing on the Wheel)
  • [Spin-B5a] Spindle
  • [Spin-B5b] 1-Arm Spindle
  • [Spin-B6] Hanging Tucked
  • [Spin-B8] Straight Hang (Superman)
  • [Spin-B11] No Hands – Head Touching the Wheel (Head Support)

Big Spiral/Cartwheels:

  • [BS-B0a] Basic Position
  • [BS-B0b] Profile
  • [BS-B1a] Feet Together
  • [BS-B1b] 1-Leg
  • [BS-B1c] Crossed Legs
  • [BS-B5] Direction Change

Coin Spin: 

  • [CS-B0a] Basic Position
  • [BS-B0b] Profile
  • [BS-B1a] Feet Together
  • [BS-B1b] 1-Leg (Front/Back)
  • [BS-B2] Crossed Legs

The Intermediate Program includes:


  • [W-C1a] Corners (Lead)
  • [W-C1b] Corners (Trail)
  • [W-C1c] Dolphins (Lead Sub-90 Degrees)
  • [W-C1d] Dolphins (Trail Sub-90 Degrees)
  • [W-C2] Crossed Legs & Arms
  • [W-C3] Flower Pickers
  • [W-C4a] Flags (Lead)
  • [W-C4b] Flags (Trail)
  • [W-C4c] Flags (Trail – Cubital Grip)
  • [W-C4d] Cross-Flags (Lead)
  • [W-C4e] Cross-Flags (Trail)
  • [W-C6] Hanging Tucked
  • [W-C7] Feet & Hands Together

Waltz Front:

  • [WF-C1] 1-Arm

Turns & Twists:

  • [T-C2] Full Turn/Twist
  • [T-C3] Trail-Arm Sliding Half Twist
  • [T-C4] The Walk
  • [T-C5] Continuous Full Turns
  • [T-C6] Spindle Full Turn/Twist
  • [T-C7] Jumping Full Turns (Monkey Jumps)
  • [T-C8] 1-Arm Hanging Full-Turns
  • [T-C9] 2 Hanging Half Turns


  • [Spin-C1] Jump-to-Support
  • [Spin-C3] Straight Hang to Lead/Trail Side (Staggered Superman)
  • [Spin-C4] On Hands Inverted (Hand-Spin)
  • [Spin-C5] Jumping Full Turns (Monkey Jumps)
  • [Spin-C6] Elbow Hang (Both)

Front Handsprings:

  • [FHS-C1] Feet Together Off-Center
  • [FHS-C2] 1-Leg
  • [FHS-C3] Body in Front (Fully Open)
  • [FHS-C4] Spindle
  • [FHS-C5] Leading Ankle Hook (Lead Batman)
  • [FHS-C6] Basic Position
  • [FHS-C7] Feet Together
  • [FHS-C8] Crossed Legs

Back Handsprings:

  • [BHS-C1a] Basic Position
  • [BHS-C1b] Feet Together
  • [BHS-C5] Crossed Legs

Big Spiral/Cartwheels:

  • [BS-C2] Jumping Full Twist (Monkey Rolls)
  • [BS-C3] 90-Degree Direction Change (Surfers)

Coin Spin:

  • [CS-C1] Rond de Jambe
  • [CS-C2] Spindle
  • [CS-C5] Ollies (Front/Back)
  • [CS-C6] Hands Together

The Advanced Program includes:


Waltz Front:

Turns & Twists:


Front Handsprings:

Back Handsprings:

Big Spiral/Cartwheels:

Coin Spin:


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Yes, you can be a member of the beginner course, the intermediate course, or both courses. If you are upgrading to intermediate – your beginner membership will still be active until you cancel it. You can view your membership details by going to the Membership Account page, where you will be able to cancel any memberships you do not wish to continue.


I saw a video on YouTube and decided it was for me. I spent a year training, traveling to learn, auditioning, and finished the year at the 2018 IRV Wheel World Championships. Shortly after, I started teaching, performing, and was invited to audition for Cirque du Soleil and others. After that, I moved to Vegas to perform full-time.

Fingers: +/- 6 good ones.

Toes: +/- 3.

Me? Naw. But if I take more than 4 days off in a row, I’ll be dizzy for the first 20 seconds. But I just keep spinning, haha!

I’m currently performing in Opium! The Spiegelworld show at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, NV! Get your tickets here!

Spinning: 4 years.

Coaching: 3 years.

Performing: 3 years.

Site life: Since launch!

Yes! I’m based in Las Vegas and teach classes and private lessons here. Classes are held at Las Vegas Circus Center. Please contact me if you’d like to schedule a private lesson (or Skype lesson). I also travel for gigs, shows, and workshops. So if I travel to a city near you, I’ll be happy to teach!

I did not. Though it’s helpful, you don’t need circus school to become a professional circus performer. I’ve been recognized by many circus companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, The 7 Fingers, and more!


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The Spin Theory Welcome Package consists of 10 FREE videos to help you get started! 

They include:

— Wheel assembly.
— Wheel disassembly.
— Stretching & warm-up.
— Manipulations – wheel walking & rolling.
— Skate Start – Feet Apart.
— Skate Start – Feet Together.
— Step-back Start.
— Roll-by Start.
— Waltz – Basic Position.
— Waltz – Feet Together.

You can receive them by completing the user registration form on the homepage. After completing the form you will receive a link to the page with 10 free videos.

Skill Reviews

Skill-reviews are an excellent way to receive direct, 1-on-1 coaching for your desired skill.

Purchase a 1-, 3-, or 5-pack…

Upload your video:

— 1 Skill.
— 2 minutes or less.
— 3+ attempts of the skill (or wherever you’re at with progressions).

I’ll typically respond in 3 days (or less!) with:

1. Your voiced-over video with helpful, analytical commentary.
2. Text-feedback with:
— Praise – what we are doing well!
— Suggestions – what we can improve.
— Progressions – prerequisite skills and exercises to break down and complete the desired skill.

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